Hamburg is the most beautiful city in the world - at least that's what the people of Hamburg say. The cosmopolitan and diverse Hanseatic city with an incredible number of sights, events and leisure activities is the perfect destination for a short holiday. The typical program of a visit to Hamburg includes the impressive harbour, a stroll through the city centre, a visit to a musical and a nightcap on the Reeperbahn.

Hamburg has grown together over the centuries from villages. The area around the Binnenalster, the Jungfernstieg and the Rathausmarkt can justifiably be described as the centre, city or heart of the entire city. Strolling, feasting, shopping - this is how Hamburg today advertises the many shopping arcades around the Jungfernstieg.

A recommendable tour, especially in dirty weather. The weather in the north seems unpredictable. Against wind and rain, 'bad weather' as the Hamburger says, one should arm oneself. But already after a few hours the sun shows up again and draws you into the fresh air. A church between two residential buildings, Hamburg's smallest department store or the works of the Frauen-Freiluft-Galerie - far away from the classic sights such as Michel, Fischmarkt or Landungsbrücken there are numerous small and large treasures in Hamburg that often just happen to catch your eye. Discovering Hamburg at second glance is often the only way to really grasp the true beauty of this city. Whether along the Alster or Elbe or through the Sternschanze - if you have a little more time, the best way to discover Hamburg is on foot! Depending on the type of walk through Hamburg, you are in the middle of nature, enjoying fabulous views or strolling through the city amidst impressive architecture. Hamburg's central green area covers 47 hectares and offers far more than the "plants and flowers" after which it is named. In the Planten and Blomen park, there is always something going on: in addition to the popular waterlight concerts, there are numerous concerts, festivals, tours and events, especially in summer.

Don't miss the historic Speicherstadt and the adjacent Hafencity. The hypermodern quarter brings the city and the people to the river: new living space, restaurants and offices have been created. As a contrast, it is worth taking a stroll through the listed Speicherstadt, known as the largest contiguous warehouse complex in the world. Today, media companies and museums have moved into the buildings in the style of neo-Gothic brick architecture. How about a visit to the Burg Coffee Museum or Hamburg's most visited museum "Miniatur Wunderland", with the world's largest model railway and 12 km of rail network.

The Speicherstadt can also be explored by boat and there is basically no better way to discover Hamburg than from the water. It doesn't always have to be a harbour or Alster round trip - in a pedalo, canoe or sailboat you become the captain yourself and decide for yourself which waterways you want to take.

But on a harbour tour, one gets very close to the huge container ships, sees the busy hustle and bustle of the harbour workers between harbour cranes and docks and learns a lot about Hamburg. For example, Hamburg has its own sandy beach.

In Övelgönne one can treat oneself to a coffee in the beach pearl, watch passing ships and even bathe in the Elbe. At the end of every harbour tour, the view of Hamburg's newest landmark is a must: the Elbphilharmonie (Elbe Philharmonic Hall), which has been raised on the quayside warehouse and opened in 2017 after nine years of construction. Those who don't come to the concert can enjoy the skyline of Hamburg from the viewing platform at a height of 37m. Finally, Bevors goes to the musical in the evening - treat yourself to an aperitif at a height of 90m. In the Bar 20up in the Reeperbahn district, you can enjoy a cool drink while enjoying the view of the busy harbour and the great sunsets.

How you get there:
Nonstop with Swiss or more environmentally friendly with Deutsche Bahn

How to get around:
on foot or with the HVV-Card

Accommodation tip:

Gastro tip:
Hamburg feast at Otto's Burger

How long should I go:
3 - 4 days

Best travel time:
all year round

Harbour tour with
Elbe Philharmonic Hall, Speicherstadt and Hafencity

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Model pictures by Miniatur Wunderland