Your digital map - free download

Thank you for purchasing the map

You can download the digital version of the map on your smartphone.

Supported systems:

  • iPhone from version 4S
  • iPad from version 2 (in compatibility mode)
  • Android from version 2.3.3

Download and install the free «HKF-Maps» app.

IMPORTANT: Please up-date the App if necessary!

Outdoor maps, road maps of Switzerland and Europe atlas

Enter the free access code you will find on the print version of the map directly into the «HKF-Maps» app.

Installation App and free download code

Memory requirements:

  • Per map: approx. 30 MB (Download approx. 5 Min.)
  • Atlas Navigator Europe: approx. 500 MB (Download approx. 3 Std.)

Due to a big data volume to be downloaded we recommend you to use the Wi-Fi connection.

Note that the maps are completely removed from your smartphone when you uninstall the app. Each map is only valid for one device. If you change the smartphone, the map on the new smartphone must be freshly installed. The map on the previous smartphone may no longer be used (automatically disabled).

Frequently asked questions

The download of a Hallway Kümmerly+Frey map stopped suddenly or didn't complete. What should I do?

The download process can be repeated as many times as you wish. Before trying to download the map again, check the following points:

  • Do you have the latest version of the app installed? If not, download an update (Apple App Store or Google Play).
  • Does your device have enough storage space available?
  • Is your wifi connection working? Downloading via wifi is safer and faster than using a mobile-phone internet connection.
  • Repeat the download process (with the same activation code).
  • Turn off your device completely for one minute and then restart it.

I have an older mobile telephone that doesn't have GPS reception. Can I still install HKF maps?

Definitely. The only requirement is that you have sufficient storage space available.

Keep in mind, however, that using HKF maps without GPS will only offer you limited usability. If you just want to use map data without the GPS function, you would be far better off with the classic version of a printed map. Otherwise, you have no option but a new mobile phone.

I have noticed that the battery runs out more quickly when using HKF maps. What is the reason for this and how can I prevent it?

The constant connection with the GPS function naturally uses more energy and power because your device is "working" non-stop. When you have the opportunity (e.g. in your car), you should connect your device to a power source (cigarette lighter or appropriate USB adapter). If you are unable to do this (e.g. while cycling or hiking), then your only alternatives are to either accept the increased demand placed on the battery or switch off the GPS or the device itself after determining your position and only activate the GPS again when you need to calculate your new position. You could also take along a spare battery, though admittedly these are more than slightly expensive.

How can I find out which version of HKF maps I have available on my device?

Start the HKF app and go to Settings - Info

Is there a specific version of HKF maps for tablets?

The Android version is also for tablets. There is no specific iPad version at the moment. In our view, the investment to create an iPad-only version and the associated selling price would be too high compared to the small user group that would, for example, be taking an iPad with them on a hike.

I have downloaded the HKF app. Why can't I display any maps and am asked to enter an activation code if the app is free in the first place?

The app is free. However, we make it available to you as a technical aid only so that you can use it in the future to display maps on your smartphone. The maps themselves are developed specially and require a tremendous amount of effort and cost to create. Therefore it is not possible to distribute them for free. You can buy your activation code at the lowest price, however, by purchasing the print version of the map you want in a shop or at On the inside page you will find your activation code, which authorises you to download the contents of the map on your smartphone for free.

I lost my smartphone / My smartphone malfunctioned and cannot be repaired / I bought a new smartphone.

Don't worry. With your access information from the initial installation (username, password and activation code) you can download your map data for free again after reinstalling the HKF app. This does not extend the validity of road maps and atlases (one year after initial installation), however. Outdoor maps, on the other hand, never expire.

How long will my smart version remain valid on my smartphone?

Road maps and atlases are valid for one year after installation of the free download. They are then automatically deactivated. You must purchase a new map with a new activation code to continue using it. Outdoor maps, on the other hand, never expire.

I often use two or more mobile phones. Private and business / organisation, etc. Can I install the maps on several smartphones?

The activation code can only be used for one (1) device.

Can I use map data that was not purchased from Hallwag Kümmerly+Frey AG with HKF maps?

No. Install the app from the corresponding map company to do so.

How can I guarantee that I always have the latest map data on my smartphone?

Our company continually updates and releases new editions on a regular basis that include the changes we are aware of. Thanks to the one-year validity for road maps and atlases, you will also have the latest edition on your device. If you want to save the latest edition on your device after it is released, you must purchase a new map and download the data to your device as described here. The same applies to outdoor maps, even though they never expire. Updates are not carried out automatically on your device.

Can I change the language settings?

Yes. Go to Settings - General settings - Language. German, French, Italian and English are currently available. The latter applies to the tour language only. The remaining user instructions will be given in your smartphone's usual language.

I would like to display my personal tours in a different colour on the map. Is that possible?

Yes, go to Settings - Colours and lines - Tour colours

When I start up HKF maps, the program suddenly asks me for my username and password again. Why? Does this mean my maps have been deleted? Do I need to download them again?

Your maps are not lost and are still saved on your device. You do not need to download them again. It may be that you carried out an update on your smartphone. Various providers of smartphones have the unpleasant habit of changing or deleting your previously saved personal settings after an update is performed. Just re-enter your username and password.

I would like to use HKF maps abroad as well but do not want to run up expensive internet costs. What steps do I have to take?

Download the maps you want while still in Switzerland, preferably using wifi. Finally, turn off the internet connection on your device under Settings - Wireless and networks - WLAN settings.