Cultural and nature experiences on Lakes Hallwil and Baldergger

Hallwyl moated castle
Selected family members tell their own life stories via the audio guide. The "common people", farmers and subjects of the Hallwyl estate also have their say. There is a special audio tour for children.

Not far from Lake Hallwil, in the Aargauer Seetal, is one of the most beautiful moated castles in Switzerland. The imposing castle complex extends over three islands. In the late 12th century, the Lords of Hallwyl built a residential tower at this strategically favourable location. The castle was expanded into a two-part moated castle in the 14th century. Enclosed by a ring wall and a moat, Hallwyl was transformed from a modest residence into a strongly fortified castle.

The exhibitions document the building and family history on an exciting journey through time. The idyllic castle courtyard invites visitors to linger, and the bistro offers a wide range of snacks and drinks.

Lake Hallwil has its own boat service and the excursion can be excellently combined with varied hiking trails leading to Hallwyl Castle. A cycle path also leads along the Aabach from Lenzburg through secluded woods and across sunny fields to Hallwyl Castle and on to Seengen (no great differences in altitude, ideal for a family outing).

Heidegg Castle
Once an important seat of the Lords of Heidegg and the Lucerne patriciate, today visitors can also experience history here at the high castle above Lake Baldegg, an exciting place for children and adults, with a romantic rose garden. An enchanting place not least to get married and celebrate.

The oldest known residential building on Lucerne soil, dating back to 1192, is hidden in the castle tower. The visit to the castle begins in the 830-year-old tower cellar with a mysterious presentation on the history of the castle. In the middle part of the castle tower, we experience a vivid example of the living culture of the Lucerne patrician class, with furniture and pictures from the last owner family, Pfyffer von Heidegg. In the attic there is the "Kügelibahn" for the children and a special corner for a fun pillow fight.

The group of buildings with castle tower, chapel, residential house and farm is idyllically surrounded by woods and vineyards. As early as 1300, a descendant of the knight Heinrich von Heidegg planted vines on the steep, sunny castle hill. As a result, Heidegg became the Seetal and later the Lucerne wine castle.

Realised by Roland Baumgartner

Pictures: The Swiss Castles (Hallwyl Castle and Heidegg Castle)


Both castles are on the Seetalbahn railway, which connects Lucerne with Lenzburg.

Another tip:
Cycle route along the lakes of Hallwil and Baldegg, or by bike from Hallwyl Castle to Wildegg Castle.