eBike tour around the Napf in three stages

Nowhere else can you find so many meters of altitude so well concentrated. The three stages around the national "super hill" are a pleasure, despite its topography. This Eldorado of ridges, faults and chasms can be circumnavigated with an eBike.

Since 2018 there is a new member in the Herzrouten family: the eBike tour in three daily stages around the 1400m high Nagelfluh mountain.

The "Herzschlaufe Napf" is the right thing for trained bikers who like to ride on small roads through the mountains, over ridges that offer a breathtaking panorama, but then down again in ditches and gorges as well as through small villages and lovely pastures. 155km and 4200 meters altitude difference! It is always a good idea to plan sufficient charging breaks and to carry a spare battery. The route is signposted in both directions with the number 399.

The 1st stage leads through a gentle hilly landscape from Willisau to Sumiswald, then to the pass Lüdernalp and through the Gohlgraben to Langnau im Emmental (58km, 1600m altitude difference).

2nd stage: Following the valley floor you reach Trubschachen, where the Kambly adventure world offers a sweet stopover. The route leaves the populated area and climbs up to the Turner at 1200m. A rapid descent brings us back to the Lucerne town of Escholzmatt, and through the biosphere landscape to Entlebuch (44km, 1100m altitude difference).

On the 3rd day, the real mountain stage through breathtaking nature follows: On the drive from Entlebuch to Willisau, we come again close to the Napf with its wild hills and rugged ditches (54km, 1550m altitude difference).

Realised by Roland Baumgartner

Pictures: Herzroute AG


Willisau can be reached by train from Lucerne or Langenthal. From Sursee a post bus runs to Willisau. Parking spaces around the station.

Another tip:
Berghaus Napf - a restaurant, simple guest rooms, dormitories - and above all, a view of all sides.