Passau - magnificent cathedral city on the Danube

Passau boasts several attributes: Cathedral city, three-river city and baroque masterpiece. All in all, this results in one of the most attractive tourist destinations in eastern Bavaria. This has to do first of all with the outstanding location on the banks of the beautiful blue Danube. Near the peninsula with the old town, both the Inn and the smaller Ilz flow into the great river. In addition, there is the famous, predominantly baroque Old Town ensemble, which is dominated above all by the majestic St. Stephen's Cathedral with its three green onion-shapeld towers. Its interior is dominated by white stucco, frescoes and altarpieces as well as the golden pulpit. The cathedral square, the adjacent Episcopal Residence with the cathedral treasure, the Diocesan Museum and Niedernburg Monastery complete the church backdrop.

One of Passau's attractions that can be seen from afar is the Veste Oberhaus, founded in 1219, which over the course of time has been developed further and further into a fortress and prince-bishop's residence. Picturesquely, it towers 100 metres above the opposite bank of the Danube. Large river cruise ships stop at its feet. What distinguishes Passau as a masterpiece of urban development is not only its architectural unity, but also its authentic, unagitated Mediterranean atmosphere, even when visitors from all over the world crowd the peninsula. Of course, there is much more to see, such as the pilgrimage church Mariahilf, the parish church St. Paul, impressively narrow alleys and passages and several museums, among which the glass museum stands out.

Fortunately, the tourists also have a heart for motorhomes. They have a total of three parking spaces here, of which the one at the Ilz Bridge is probably the most attractive. They have a total of three parking spaces here, of which the one at the Ilz Bridge is probably the most attractive.

From Munich via the A 92 motorway to the Deggendorf junction, then on the A 3 to Passau, or from Nuremberg via Regensburg on the A 3 towards Linz.

Another tip:
The border region in nearby Upper Austria is also worth seeing. The small town of Schärding am Inn in particular is worth a visit because of its closed baroque and unusually colourful townscape. South of Passau there are several excellent camping sites and numerous recommendable motorhome sites in the Lower Bavarian Thermenland.