Excursion into the world of birds

The ornithological observatory at Lake Sempach is the ornithological competence centre par excellence. Nowhere do we know more about birds than here in the tranquil Sempach between Olten and Lucerne. Whether you are an eagle buzzard or a tree pipit, a falcon robber gull or a yellow-billed diver, a grouse owl or a bittern: the Sempach specialists know everything you need to know about the Swiss birdlife.

The ring on the visitor's finger registers what his interests and preferences are in the exhibition, and at the end the "visitor bird" receives a personal bird profile based on this data. You leave the exhibition as a crested tit, bearded vulture or moorhen.

We accompany the native birds on a surprising cinematic journey through Switzerland on the extensive Rudgang, and in the mechanical theatre of the "Singfonie" you can immerse yourself in the sound world of the birds.

The natural garden on the shores of Lake Sempach with two aviaries, a coffee corner and a shop invites you to linger. The visitor centre is housed in Switzerland's first three-storey mud house, a pioneering achievement in building ecology - which was awarded the European Museum Prize for Sustainability in 2017.
The exhibition provides a wealth of information on the world of birds and the work of the ornithological station. It is also intended to show how the Swiss Ornithological Institute is committed to researching, protecting and promoting local bird life and to helping to develop sustainable forms of agricultural and forestry use.

Realised by Roland Baumgartner


Motorway exit "Sempach" of the A2. Train to Sempach-Neuenkirch and bus to Sempach, Vogelwarte.

Another tip:
Sempach seaside resort right next to the Sempach ornithological station.