Float to the Stanserhorn without ropes over your head.

The insider tip right at the beginning: Friday/Saturday downhill ride without surcharge until 11 p.m. on top of the CabriO roof in the dark night, no ropes above your head, finely recognising the outline of Lake Lucerne. Ten years after its opening in Stans, the modern railway exists nowhere else in the world!

After a nostalgic, leisurely ride on the funicular dating from 1893, we change at "Kälti" from the open wooden carriage to the impressive aerial cable car. Since 2012, it has been moving up to the Stanserhorn as if on rails. The "track" is formed by the two carrying ropes with a diameter of 66mm, 176 individual wires, a weight of 25kg per metre of rope - and... a 'track width' of no less than five metres. Compared to conventional aerial cableways, this results in significantly greater wind stability - the cableway still runs at wind speeds of up to 70km/h without any problems.

Thirty passengers enjoy floating on top of the cabin (open upper deck) at a top speed of 8 m/s, almost 30 kilometres per hour. The big difference and thus the world's first: the CabriO-Bahn has no "hangers", it travels "on the cable". The rollers are located on the side of the cabin, visible from the cabin interior and from the upper deck, 10 rollers on each side.

At the top of the passageway, the mighty supports are a total of over twenty metres wide, due to the arrangement of the four supporting cables. The cabins move "through" the masts without any significant reduction in speed in a "passageway" of up to 27 metres in length each. Almost 100 tonnes of steel were used to build a single support.

Thirty minutes of pure walking time must be allowed for the leisurely round tour of the summit - but that is far too little to gaze in the direction of the Brünig at the "Adlerhorst", to discover the Mönch to the left of the Eiger and to feel the 22,000 Bovis units of this place of power. The circular route is only partially wheelchair accessible, there are some steps on the west side.

The Stanserhorn marmots cavort in the enclosure between the mountain station and the summit. Some of the marmots were born up here and all of them continue to build their dens during the summer, taking an extensive hibernation in the padded den during the cold season.

Every Friday and Saturday evening, romance breaks out on the Stanserhorns: Guests can enjoy a fine 4-course menu by candlelight in the Rondorama, the revolving restaurant. During the day, there is plenty of seating on the large terrace with a view towards the Titlis.

Realised by Roland Baumgartner

Pictures: Roland Baumgartner and CabriO Stanserhorn Railway


Central railway from Lucerne to Stans, 5 minutes' walk to the valley station; parking next to the funicular and on the school playground further away.

Another tip:
"Golden Round Trip", from Lucerne by boat and cogwheel railway to Mount Pilatus and back by cable car.