The number 11 is everywhere

Solothurn is regarded as the most beautiful baroque city in Switzerland, where Italian grandeur combines with French charm and German-Swiss down-to-earthness. The so-called "Ambassadorenstadt" lies on the southern foot of the Jura on the course of the Aare between Biel and Olten.

The city is inextricably linked to the number 11. They are proud to find new 11er relationships again and again. For example, there are 11 museums, 11 fountains, 11 chapels and churches, as well as a clock with a dial that shows only 11 hours. In the list of cantons, Solothurn is listed as the eleventh stand of the Swiss Confederation, and they even call their own Solothurn beer "Öufi beer".

The masterpiece of the "Magic Eleven" is St. Ursen's Cathedral, Solothurn's landmark. In 1762, master builder Gaetano Matteo Pisoni from Ascona was so fascinated by the "elf atmosphere" that he completely adapted the architecture of the church to it. The bell tower measures 6 by 11 metres, 11 bells hang in the tower, 11 altars adorn the cathedral, visible from only one place in the main corridor, the eleventh black stone. The prayer chairs are arranged in rows of eleven. The monumental staircase consists of 3 x 11 steps. The number of pipes of the large organ can be divided by 11 - and the construction period originally lasted 11 years (1762 - 1773).

Solothurn also enchants with its charm. The old town alleys are lined with magnificent buildings, fountains with figures and towers. And in summer life pulsates along the Aare. Then people like to linger on the Solothurn Riviera with its many restaurants and bars along the water.

Realised by Roland Baumgartner


Solothurn is easy to reach by motorway or train.

Another tip:
Excursion from Solothurn via Oberdorf (train or car) and with the cable car to Weissenstein. New opening of the renovated and extended Hotel Weissenstein in summer 2019. Restaurants and bars along the Wassern.