High above the Lake of Uri

Anyone who sees the round rocky ridge from the steamboat on Lake Lucerne in an easterly direction cannot imagine how effortless it is to drive up there - from behind. The viewing platforms Fronalpstock above Brunnen and Klingestock are accessible by modern chair lifts from car-free Stoos.

The new funicular, the steepest in the world, takes you to the holiday resort of Stoos in the Muota Valley. The innovative funicular not only impresses visitors with its steepness of 110%, but also with its round passenger compartments, which are always aligned horizontally depending on the terrain - you stand on horizontal ground as well as on the steep slope at the bottom of the descent.

Sure-footed hikers love the well-developed, spectacular ridge path from Klingenstock to Fronalpstock. Chair lifts take you from Stoos up to the starting and finishing points of the panoramic tour. Every step of the way you can enjoy magnificent views! From the Klingenstock, the trail leads westwards to the Rot Turm. The short ascent to the Huserstock in the middle of the tour can be done additionally, or one hikes directly down to the Furggeli. The well-developed mountain hiking trail was partly carved into the rock and is additionally secured with chains. However, sure-footedness and a little bit of head for heights in a few places are required. From the alpine hut on the Pässli follows the last ascent to the Fronalpstock with an equally panoramic summit restaurant. Then down to Stoos with the Fronalpstock chairlift (2 sections).

Or descent on foot from Fronalpstock. Because: the highlight of every hike in the Stoos area is the cheese slice at Bernadette and Wisel on Alp Laui, where you can also buy the fine Alpine cheese.

Realised by Roland Baumgartner


By bus or car from Schwyz to the valley station of the new Stoos-Bahn.

Another tip:
Visit the Husky Lodge or guided tour to the Hölloch in the Muota Valley.