From Blauherd to Stellisee, Grindjesee, Grüensee, Mossjesee and Leisee or to Gornergrat

The 5-Lakes Trail is a superlative hiking trail in the Zermatt mountains: the Matterhorn is reflected in three of the mountain lakes, and the view of the mountain giants is unique. The trail connects the lakes Stellisee, Grindjesee, Grüensee, Mossjesee and Leisee. Connoisseurs say that the world-famous mountain pyramid shows its perfect form from here.

The ascent also begins in a special way not far from Zermatt station: at 12m/ sec, the Metro funicular whizzes up the 1521-metre-long tunnel to Sunnegga. Then you change to the eight-seater gondola or six-seater chair to Blauherd. Up here at 2574m we first enjoy the sensational panorama, while the children immediately rush to the playground with climbing rocks. The Wanderland route no. 186 then leads to the first lake, the famous Stellisee with its small rocks in the water... naturally with a clear reflection of the Matterhorn.

Taugwalder's Fluhalp mountain restaurant is close by, and you should definitely take the diversions. From here, it is best to take the path on the crest of the moraine down to Lake Grindje. This will especially delight botany fans: the small lake amazes with its rich high moorland flora and rare flowers. Once again, however, the Matterhorn is the number one photo subject here.

You now cross the valley of the former Findel glacier and reach the Grüensee lake. Here you may encounter the typical black-nosed sheep. From the nearby mountain lodge "Ze Seewjinu" you can enjoy the unique view of the mountain ranges from the Matterhorn to the Weisshorn.

Now you have to decide whether to cross the valley again and return to Sunegga via Mossjesee and Leisee, making the famous 5 lakes of Zermatt. Or whether to descend slightly to the Riffelalp station in 45 minutes and return to Zermatt from here.

Or how about continuing the excursion by train directly from Riffelalp up to the 3133m high Gornergrat?

Realised by Roland Baumgartner

Pictures: Roland Baumgartner, et al.


By MGB from Visp or car driver from Matterhorn Terminal Täsch to Zermatt; take the Sunegga cable car up and continue by cable car to Blauherd.

Another tip:
Edelweissweg to the "Ufem Hohlicht" photo point (Höhbalmen); strenuous, worthwhile hike.