Cycle tour from the medieval town to the Gruyère region

The best way to start this tour is by taking a tour of the medieval town of Fribourg. The old town of Fribourg lies high on a rocky spur above the Saane, with beautiful quarters also down by the river. The city currently has almost 40,000 inhabitants, making it only the fifth largest in French-speaking Switzerland.

There are various ways to leave Fribourg to get to the "Veloland Route" "Saanenland-Freiburgerland (SwitzerlandMobility No. 59). An attractive variant leads from St. Nicholas Cathedral with its 74m high tower to the Zähringer Bridge with its beautiful view, but then back to the old town and down to the picturesque part near the Bernbrücke. From there we also return and reach the "Basse-Ville" district via the "Pont du Milieu" (Middle Bridge). At the Eglise Saint-Jean we turn left and climb up to the Loreto Chapel in a big left turn. From here you have the most beautiful view of the old town of Freiburg, with the new Poya bridge in the background full of contrast.

From Bourguillon it gets more comfortable: Through fields and meadows we now roll on the signposted cycle route No. 59 to Tentlingen. Then we cycle through a pretty, wooded gorge and in a south-westerly direction through agricultural land and small hamlets. Relaxed, we roll through Treyvaux (the main road is only crossed briefly once), manage a small ascent and then look out over the long stretched out Lake Gruyère, whose course we follow - sometimes closer to the shore, sometimes further away - to the south. Here the cows that provide the milk for the spicy Gruyère cheese graze. In many places you can also rent stand-up paddle boards and canoes along the lake.

Towards the end of the tour we unfortunately often have to use the main road. But once we have reached the end of the lake, we are almost at our (sweet) destination: In Broc is the famous Maison Cailler, an interactive museum of chocolate with tasting.

In nearby Bulle, you can load bicycles onto the train back to Fribourg... or we can take the national route no. 4 on the other side of the Lac de la Gruyère back to Fribourg.

Realised by Roland Baumgartner


By train or car to Fribourg, return from Bulle by train or by bicycle.

Another tip:
The new "Herzschlaufe Sense", attractive day tour from Laupen through the Sense region, the German-speaking part of the canton of Fribourg.