By bike or eBike from Davos to the Zügen Gorge

This tour gives you the opportunity to marvel intensively at the landscape around Davos with its various districts. Although the route is signposted as No. 336 for mountain bikes (SwitzerlandMobility), as more than 3/4 of the route sections are asphalted and it is mainly downhill, the route is also ideally suited for eBike riders and experienced families. The leisurely excursion leads from the Wolfgang Pass near Davos (railway station and car park) along simple field paths or side roads through the open "Davos countryside" downstream via Frauenkirch and Lengmatta to Glaris and on through the Zügenschlucht gorge to the Wiesen railway station.

The route starts in Davos Wolfgang with a short ascent (85 metres in altitude), the only one on the whole route. The road follows the slope until we look down from above at the glittering Davos Lake and then descend to it. Via Davos Dorf, Davos Platz and then following the Landwasserkanal we reach Frauenkirch and via Lengmatta to Glaris. Following the water towards Tiefencastel, the valley narrows and the main road later disappears in a tunnel. Here, where the carriages used to rattle past, the varied gravel path leads through the Zügenschlucht gorge, along the crystal-clear country water. Every hour you can watch the Rhaetian Railway twice as it winds its way through the rocky valley. An exciting bike ride - the old road through the imposing Zügenschlucht gorge is a highlight.

When we ride the bear, we have to climb a short staircase, the bike is best carried by two of us, and then we turn into a sigle trail, which takes us high above the gorge to the Davos Wiesen station, to the beginning of the majestic Wiesner Viaduct. From here the Rhaetian Railway returns to Davos Dorf and Davos Wolfgang.

Realised by Roland Baumgartner

Pictures: Destination Davos Klosters


Davos Wolfgang is located on the railway line Landquart-Davos; Davos Wiesen on the line Davos-Filisur. In Wolfgang there are some parking spaces, you can also park at the station Wiesen (narrow access road).

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