Schweiz TCS Strassenkarte 1:301 000
Schweiz TCS Strassenkarte 1:301 000
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Strassenkarten Kümmerly+Frey

Schweiz TCS Strassenkarte 1:301 000

Article Number: 978-3-259-04304-2

Scale: 1:301 000

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In the official road map Touring Club Switzerland (TCS) by Kümmerly+Frey at a scale of 1:301,000 you will find everything you need for orientation and inspiration.

From Geneva, Basel, Bern, Sion, Bellinzona, Chur, etc., the map shows the most important areas of interest.

Thanks to the clearly marked, easy-to-read and up-to-date roads, the tidy, up-to-date map image, the incomparable Swiss quality of the cartography as well as the attention to detail, the map is the perfect tool to make the most of your visit to this exceptional country. 

The thematic map contains detailed information on localities and the connecting road network.
Travellers by car or motorbike will always find the right way thanks to the easily recognisable, clearly displayed motorways, car roads, main roads, country roads and secondary roads. The integrated 13 city overview maps help you to find your way around the cities. Thanks to the integrated distance table, you can easily calculate routes between departure and arrival points and plan the time required. 
The pasted-in 4-language brochure with detailed maps, location index, information on service areas, car parks as well as on road safety and what to do in the event of an accident complete the map series. The integrated leisure destinations such as natural sights, museums, theme parks or zoos ensure that you make the most of your time. Useful tips and advice on preparing for your trip also help to ensure that your journey is a success.

The folding map for car drivers or motorcyclists consists of a sturdy cover and robust paper. Even after repeated use, it will not let you down.

Should the GPS fail to work or the mobile phone run out of battery, the roads, viewpoints, railway stations, places to stop for refreshments, campsites, car parks, etc. clearly marked on the map will always help you to keep your bearings.


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