Always something tasty to eat
The gourmet paths are a very special attraction of Les Paccots, the cosy holiday resort in the Fribourg Alps. They lead past mountain restaurants and alpine huts, where generous portions of typical regional dishes are served. Four paths of different lengths are offered, from the "Path for the Pleasure Man" to the "Woodcutter's Path".


Along the 13-kilometre circular walk, two mountain restaurants and two mountain huts invite you to make a stop on the rather challenging "Panorama Path" - where you can buy vouchers for all further stops at the first restaurant. Hardly a kilometre from the bus stop at Les Rosalys you have to walk before you can stop for the first time. At the Auberge du Lac we are greeted with a Fribourg plate of meat and cheese. Nearby is an amphibian spawning area of national importance, the small dark lake Lac des Joncs. The second taste of a very special kind follows after the panoramic ascent towards Dent de Lys via Paccot Dessus in the alpine hut La Saletta: the chalet soup, a cheese soup made from milk and cheese, served in a wooden pot. The "Beiz" is exactly the same as we imagine an alpine hut - in the best location, with panoramic views and an attentive hostess. A little further on, at the alpine hut Le Vuipay, there are the alpine macaroons of Fribourg style. The direct descent back to Les Rosalys (Les Paccot) follows, where the Glace au vin-cuit is enjoyed as a dessert and another highlight in the restaurant of the same name - a cream ice cream with egg yolk and lightly caramelized, thickened apple juice.

Realised by Roland Baumgartner


Arrival from the motorway Freiburg-Vevey:
From the Fribourg-Vevey motorway, take the Châtel St-Denis exit up to Les Paccots. By train from Palézieux (Fribourg-Lausanne) to Châtel St-Denis and bus to Les Paccots.

Another tip:
Viewpoint Les Pléiades high above Lake Geneva (narrow-gauge mountain railway from Vevey).