Historical via ferrata with 27 ladders

As a summer holiday destination, Flims offers a multitude of attractions: Lake Cauma with its incomparable colour, the Ruinaulta (also known as Swiss Grand Canyon), a varied network of hiking trails, the Unesco Natural World Heritage Sardona Tectonic Arena with the Martinsloch, and the Pinut.

The Via Ferrata from Fidaz over the Pinut to the Flimserstein dates back to 1907. The historic complex was completely renovated after 100 years. The historical complex is a fascinating nature experience - and already suitable for children from 12 years. Dreamlike views, thrills and afterwards perhaps also some muscle soreness are guaranteed. The via ferrata is not particularly difficult, it is comfortably secured with stairs and 27 ladders. With the necessary respect, via ferrata equipment and the right safety measures, the via ferrata offers thrills without risk over three almost vertical rock steps.

Even in the lowest part, the situation is "very airy", which costs some to overcome... but pays off in the further course. A highlight is certainly the 20 meter long, natural tunnel. Just below it there is a large hole, which is covered by a horizontal ladder, but still offers tingling views.
In Fidaz, a blue sign shows the way to the entrance of the via ferrata. On a path through the forest you reach the rock face in half an hour.

Realised by Roland Baumgartner


There is a local bus from Flims to Fidaz (there is little parking in the hamlet itself). Descent to Bargis and on to Fidaz (the local bus goes to Bargis).

Another tip:
Segneshütte, Segnesboden and visitors' pavilion World Heritage Sardona.