Journey of discovery with the funny journeyman
Far back in the Glarnerland, high above the Linth valley, there is a small house hidden under large fir trees, brown like fir bark. Its inhabitant, the dwarf Bartli, has just awoken from hibernation and is delighted by the first warm rays of sunshine and the glowing flowers that herald spring.

The car-free and family-friendly Braunwald can be reached by funicular from the valley town of Linthal. If you want to explore the realm of the funny fairytale hero, you can follow the signs of the "Zwerg-Bartli-Erlebnisweg". On the way, the greatest attention is required at eight stations, after all, it is a matter of finding Bartlis little house, the famous gemstone crevice and the dwarf tower. On the way, the young adventurers learn a lot about the funny adventures of Dwarf Bartli in the middle of nature. At each station there is also something to discover or marvel at. Hungry adventurers should take a break at one of the five fireplaces and plunder the rucksack they have brought with them. The lovely landscape and the impressive panoramic view of the highest peaks in Glarus invite parents to linger.

One of the stops on the adventure trail is Grotzenbüel. From here, two 3km long natural roads lead back to Braunwald Dorf, which can be quickly travelled on scooters (the scooters can be rented at the top station of the Hüttenberg-Grotzenbüel cable car).


Realised by Roland Baumgartner


Arrival at Braunwald:
Braunwald can only be reached by funicular from Linthal, the village of Braunwald is car-free.

Another tip:
Climbing routes with different requirements, also beginners' and children's climbs at the mountain restaurant Gumen.