"BoBosco" – fun for young and old between Brione and Lavertezzo

The Val Verzasca, which stretches northwards into the mountains at the upper end of Lake Maggiore, is famous for hikes and bike routes along the stream of the same name, for the "007 Golden Eye Bungee Jump" from the dam wall, the arts and crafts boutiques worth visiting in Sonogno, the photogenic stone bridge Ponte dei Salti in Lavertezzo and the secluded bathing spots along the water.

But now a new attraction awaits: Boccia al bosco, Waldboggia, or "BoBosco" for short, is an ingenious marble run made of chestnut wood that leads from Brione Verzasca to Lavertezzo. A good five kilometres in the forest, along the emerald-green Verzasca River, makes this hike not only exciting fun for families, but also a nature experience in a beautiful landscape.

The wooden balls needed for the marble run can be purchased for CHF 7 at one of the sales points. The trail starts in Brione Verzasca and leads to Lavertezzo, where the famous "Roman Bridge" provides another highlight. On the long course you come across twelve exciting constructions such as pulleys, water sluices, cable cars and slingshots that carry the ball back up to the starting position. There are picnic areas everywhere or a "beach spot" by the river. Most of the route leads through the mountain forest, along the Verzasca, which makes the excursion very pleasant, especially in warm weather. And: playing with the ball makes the children forget the hardships of hiking.

The facility was built by a non-profit association with the aim of promoting activities that enhance the value of the forests and mountains of the Verzasca, in collaboration with existing local institutions (municipalities, patriciate, other associations).

A descriptive video is posted on the multilingual website bobosco.ch.

Realised by Roland Baumgartner

Pictures: Associazione BoBosco


From Locarno or Tenero by post bus to Val Verzasca.

Another tip:
Rope Park Adventure Park in Gordola, just before the Verzasca flows into Lake Maggiore.