Two attractive suspension bridges in different locations

There are no less than two suspension bridges in the vicinity of Fiesch, each of which can be combined with exciting but very different hikes. While the large "Goms Bridge" at Fürgangen is right next to the railway line and main road, the Aspi-Titter suspension bridge is a more strenuous hike for sure-footed visitors.

Goms Bridge The suspension bridge crosses the Lammaschlucht gorge 92 metres above the wild Rotten (Rhone). It is 280 metres long and 1.4 metres wide and serves not least as a school path for the children of Mühlebach. The pavement made of local larch wood offers enough space for bicycles - just push! A wire mesh fence on the side with a steel cable as a handrail ensures the safety of the users. In Fürgangen there is a subway for crossing the cantonal road without danger. The suspension bridge is open all year round.

In the hamlet of Mühlebach on the opposite side there is the Café Hängebrigga, where you can stay overnight in modern rustic rooms. Past wooden water jugs, a hiking trail then leads over the Mosshubel to the historic Erner Galgen. No one would suspect that the three well-preserved stone pillars on the pretty hill with idyllic seating area are a place of horror. Sinners, but also innocent women accused of witchcraft, hung from this three-columned gallows. Let's change our minds and enjoy the view over Ernen far down into the Rhone Valley! Finally, in the pretty village of Ernen, the oldest Tell frescoes with the apple shot and the Rütli oath can be seen on the village square.

Aspi-Titter suspension bridge This bridge will make you go into raptures: It is 160m long and 120m above the Wysswasser, the stream from the Fieschergletscher. You have to be a bit brave to cross it, but it's definitely worth it. After all, the Aspi-Titter is one of the most impressive suspension bridges of all. The fascinating wire rope bridge can only be admired in combination with a hike, so there are no crowds of people. The tour to the bridge is only possible from July to October, as it is closed during the other months to protect nature.

From Bellwald (mountain station of the cable car from Fürgangen) it is one and a half hours to the suspension bridge, whereby the path at the end, down to the bridge, should be walked with caution. On the other side down to the bus stop in Fieschertal, it takes a good hour (the ascent from here to the suspension bridge takes almost two hours.

Realised by Roland Baumgartner

Pictures: Roland Baumgartner and Aletsch Arena


Matterhorn-Gotthard Bahn from Brig via Fiesch to Fürgangen-Bellwald (Goms Bridge), cable car to Bellwald (Aspi-Titter).

Another tip:
Ernen and Binntal - world-class classical music, top gastronomy in a mountain village, excellent architecture in an attractive landscape.