Rail journey, alpine garden, mountain hotel and varied hikes

Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau - see the triumvirate up close and yet not be overwhelmed by the proximity, that's the Schynige Platte! The nostalgic railway with partly century-old carriages runs on the Riggenbach/Pauli cogwheel system and has a gauge of 800mm. The journey takes almost an hour - why always go up a mountain as quickly as possible? Even boarding the nostalgic cogwheel railway with its small panorama carriages is an experience - and as you climb higher, your view opens up to the breathtaking mountain vistas. The three majestic Bernese Oberlanders are the big attraction at the top.

Next to the mountain station is the entrance to the elaborately designed Alpine Garden, which introduces its visitors to the fascinating world of the extremely species-rich alpine flora. Here 600 different species of plants are in bloom, and a blooming calendar is posted on the Internet. This lovingly tended natural paradise is an important place for science and nature conservation and can be explored on circular trails of varying lengths (main trail 420m, with side trails approx. 1km).

In the Berghotel Schynige Platte, the atmosphere is like that of grandmother's time, old chests of drawers with marble covers, bedding with large duvets, a porcelain jug with water for washing - the entire rustic décor creates an authentic atmosphere just like in the old days. During the day, one likes to stay in one of the restaurants or on the terrace, which is literally full of views.

Hikers who are more accustomed to the mountains will find a variety of hiking options on the Schynige Platte. One hour and fifteen minutes of pure hiking time is calculated for the excursion over the Tuba. First you have to master the 100 metres in altitude from the railway station. No hurry, nice and slow. Once you reach the top, you can enjoy the fantastic view down to Interlaken, the Brienzergrat and Lakes Brienz and Thun. You have to stay here for a while! Somewhat exposed, the path then follows the ridge, slightly descending. Below the Oberberghorn there is a branch to the summit... exciting at the top over a metal staircase in a crevice. Suddenly you are standing at the top on the secured platform of the Oberberghorn.

For the way back, we choose the almost horizontal path towards Schynige Platte, or take the slightly longer route towards the east and then sharply to the right via alpine meadows, also back to Alpengarten.

The cogwheel railway to Schynige Platte runs from the end of May to the end of October, and is closed in winter (note the timetable).

Realised by Roland Baumgartner

Pictures: Jungfrau Railways Ltd. and Switzerland Tourism


Train from Interlaken Ost to Wilderswil; motorway exit "Wilderswil" (near Interlaken).

Another tip:
Funicular railway from Interlaken Ost to Harder Kulm - view of the Dreigestirn, perfect place for panoramic photos, casual restaurant.