Hike to the idyllic lake with a probably untrue history

The deep blue mountain lake exudes mysticism because of its unexplored outflow. It is popular with families with older children - picnicking, resting and even bathing in the usually cool water are highlights of the excursion.

The hike starts in Braunwald on the Grotzenbüel (accessible via the Hüttenberg-Grotzenbüel gondola). It begins with a gently sloping path with an impressive panorama to the Unterstafel of Alp Braunwald. A path across meadows and through sparse forests then leads into the valley of the Bösbächi. The name probably comes from the valley below, when the mountain stream used to cause flooding in Luchsingen during heavy rains. Today, in the Mittelstafel, in the cosy Bächistübli restaurant, we enjoy regional delicacies such as the "Glarner Beggeli", small pastries filled with plums or almonds. In the Mittelstafel, by the way, you can also simply spend the night in summer.

Then follows the barely noticeable ascent to Oberblegisee at 1421m. Here you really have to let yourself be enchanted by the breathtaking scenery, whether directly on the water or somewhat higher up on the right side of the ridge. The echo of the Glärnisch massif reverberates loudly. The mountain lake was formed by a moraine of the Kargletscher on the Glärnisch, which still dams up the water today. On hot days, the mysterious lake invites you to take a cool dip. But beware: there are unexpectedly treacherous whirlpools in the depths.

The great secret of the lake is its (underground) outflow, which has been known for a long time but has still not been properly explored. This has given rise to a somewhat macabre legend: Once a high-spirited alpine dairyman tried to cross the lake - suddenly he disappeared in the water... Shortly afterwards, in the valley below, his mother was drawing water from the Leuggelbach at the exact moment when her son's head washed up.

Via Yenstock, Chilchli and Guppenseeli there are challenging descents to Schwanden. It is much more pleasant to take the Brunnenberg railway down to Luchsingen and from there by train back to Linthal or out of the valley directly towards home.

Realised by Roland Baumgartner

Pictures: Technische Betriebe Glarus


From Linthal with funicular to Braunwald, with gondola to Grotzenbühl. Brunnenberg cable car back to Luchsingen.

Another tip:
To the Muttsee, longest dam in Switzerland, highest in Europe. Public aerial cableway from Linthal-Tierfehd to Kalktrittli.