High-altitude hike above the Upper Engadine lakes

Between the wide valley of the Inn and the one leading to the Bernina Pass lies probably the most beautiful vantage point over the Upper Engadine lake landscape. The painter Giovanni Segantini, with his keen eye for beautiful landscapes and unique light conditions, also loved this special location. The panorama can be particularly enjoyed just before sunset - the train runs until late in the evening, or you can take a room in the Romantik Berghotel.

From the Muottas Muragl mountain station, the mountain path leads up to the Upper Schafberg and the Segantini Hut, the last retreat of the famous painter, and at the same time to an even more beautiful vantage point. In September 1899 Segantini retreated to the tranquillity of the Engadine mountains to work undisturbed on his triptych of nature for the forthcoming World Exhibition in Paris. However, he died completely unexpectedly shortly afterwards on 28 September 1899 at the Segantini hut due to peritonitis. The Alpine Triptych "Becoming", "Being" and "Passing away" can be admired in the Segantini Museum in St. Moritz.

In the mountain hut, the young, dedicated hut team serves a small, fine selection of all kinds of delicacies, such as regional organic cheese, homemade barley soup, freshly baked wähen and cakes. As a general rule: when the flag is visible on the upper Schafberg, the hut is open.

Those who don't want to hike back to Muottas Muragl have two options for the way down into the valley: Along the climate path down/over to Alp Languard or in a zigzag to the lower Schafberg and then straight into the valley or along the high trail to Alp Languard. From here the chairlift takes hikers comfortably to Pontresina.

Realised by Roland Baumgartner

Pictures: Pontresina Tourism


From St. Moritz to Punt Muragl Staz, from Samedan to Punt Muragl, or with the Upper Engadine local bus. Funicular railway to Muottas Muragl. Parking spaces at the valley station.

Another tip:
Capricorn paradise Pontresina. Steinwild excursions bring those interested closer to the Graubünden heraldic animal.