Longer mountain hike without great effort

A four to five hour mountain hike from central Switzerland to the Bernese Oberland. From the 2200m high Jochpass to the 2200m high Planplatte. Actually a high-altitude hike with many parallel paths, but still with 600 metres of ascent and descent. We are rewarded at every turn with magnificent views of the eastern Bernese Alps and the Grimsel region.

Thanks to the cable cars to the Jochpass and from the Planplatten down to the Hasliberg and Meiringen, this tour can be done in one day. And so we start before nine o'clock in Engelberg with the first ascent to Trübsee. This is followed by a short hike past the lake to the chairlift up to the Jochpass. Here we are on the border between Nidwalden and the canton of Bern.

Many hikers take the path down to the Engstlensee - but we keep to the right and reach the Schaftal with a little gradient. A little further down, we cross again parallel to the altitude in the direction of Vogelbüel and Tannalp. We are in the area of the Melchsee Frutt, in the canton of Obwalden.

At Tannalp, not only should you stop at the mountain inn, but you should definitely visit the mountain cheese dairy next to the chapel "Maria, Queen of Angels". It is noticeable that the products of the cheese maker Noldi Bucher do not come from the large enterprise. The traditionally produced mountain cheese and the Sbrinz have to be tasted and a piece of "Tannalper" has to be taken home.

The ascent, which should not be underestimated in terms of distance, always follows close to the ridge of Balmeregghoren, high above Tannensee and Melchsee, past the two mountain stations of the lifts (only in operation in winter).

Now comes a particularly exciting section of the trail: "Horizontweg" is the name given to the connection to the Planplatten - the name says it all. On the always well-maintained high-level path between the rocky outcrops, you have to concentrate on the path despite the overwhelming view. On the left side the slope drops steeply down to the Gental - a firm grip on the taut wire rope is helpful for many at two or three points. Already less exposed, the trail then passes the "Erzgrueben" (iron ore mines) to the Planplatten mountain station and the panorama restaurant Alpen Tower. Do not miss the last descent with the gondola lift!

Realised by Roland Baumgartner

Pictures: Roland Baumgartner


Zentralbahn from Lucerne to Engelberg, Titlis-Bahn to Trübsee and chairlift to Jochpass; back by gondola from Planplatten to Hasliberg and with a change of trains to Meiringen or Brünigpass.

Another tip:
Hikes around the lakes on Melchsee Frutt.