Adventure hike into the southernmost valley of the Grisons

The railway line between Thusis and Tirano, a masterpiece of technology that blends harmoniously into the landscape, is the core of the "Rhaetian Railway, Albula/Bernina" World Heritage Site. The spectacular ride takes you 122 kilometres across 196 bridges, through 55 tunnels and past 18 communities.

Now to one of the most attractive hikes: From the Bernina Hospice, a flat path leads along Lago Bianco, whitewashed by the glacier water. Already at the end of the lake, the detour via the fantastic Sassal Mason vantage point, 130m above sea level, with a view of Piz Palü, is worthwhile for the sporty. Without the detour, the route already leads slightly downhill to Alp Grüm. The view over the Valposchiavo and the Palügletscher are unforgettable - as are the Italian pasta, Puschlaver specialities, Engadine delicacies, homemade cakes and Veltliner wines in the Ristorante at Alp Grüm station or in the panoramic Belvedere just above the station.

From Alp Grüm you zigzag down to Cavaglia. A visit to the glacier mills is a must here. The glacier has created impressive natural formations here in times long past: Due to the constant pressure of the prehistoric glacier water, rotating stones have dug their way into the rocks over the millennia. The up to 15m deep glacier mills were thus created. The glacier garden of Cavaglia is also known as the "pots of the giants".
Like the Rhaetian Railway, the hiking trail then winds its way down the hillside on old steam bath paths into the valley floor of Poschiavo.

Realised by Roland Baumgartner


From St. Moritz or Samedan by car or train to Ospizio Bernina. Return by RhB from any station in Val Poschiavo.

Another tip:
Excursion to Diavolezza with views of the glaciers, Piz Palü, Bellavista and Piz Bernina.