The mountain bike route for connoisseurs

In Locarno or Tenero you can get on the post bus, equipped with bicycle hangers, in the direction of Sonogno. This allows you to remain flexible when returning and, if necessary, to ride to the bottom of Val Verzasca by bike. The tour is particularly attractive in midsummer, when a swim in the river brings the right cooling. The route is particularly well suited to be combined with a picnic in one of the many cosy spots along the Verzasca.

The bus ride takes almost an hour. From Tenero, the Verzasca Valley winds its way 26 kilometres up to Sonogno, past the Verzasca dam, where James Bond plunged 200 metres down the rubber rope at the "Goldeneye" Bungyjump in the service of His Majesty.

At the bus station Brione Piee and the inn of the same name the seriousness of life begins. Change to a mountain bike. The Alta Verzasca is a mix of single trails and gravel paths. Cross the bridge and follow the narrow path to the hamlet of Alnasca. On this first stretch you have to pay more attention, because hikers use the same path on their valley hike. But with some consideration, there are absolutely no problems. Before Alnasca there is already a first, new resting place with bench, stone table, grill and a small log cottage - a scenically beautiful place for picnics.

We continue along the river on a new trail especially created for us mountain bikers next to the road towards Gerra with the Albergo/Ristorante "Froda". In the hamlet of Lorentino we discover the agro-tourism shop "Lorentign", where all kinds of local products are offered, including seven different types of cheese, some of the typical Verzasca black-necked goats.

And soon Sonogno is in sight. The mountain village has preserved its characteristic appearance with old houses and alleys. At the Piazzetta there is the Casa Genardini with the local museum and not far from it the old bread oven, which is still in operation today. In the village there are many pleasant grotti and Ticino crafts, which are offered in several shops - a feast for the eyes!

Realised by Roland Baumgartner


By post bus or car from Locarno/Tenero to Val Verzasca, the post buses have bicycle suspensions.

Another tip:
Swimming in the Verzasca near the Ponte dei Salti bridge in Lavertezzo.