18 kilometres, mostly asphalt, hardly any difference in altitude – a pleasure.

The starting point of Cycle Route 702 is Sarnen, the capital of Obwalden. This is where the oldest surviving depiction of the founding history of the Swiss Confederation is kept. This historical treasure is in the state archives and describes the most important event in the history of the village: the cunning capture and destruction of the lower castle on the Landenberg above the village centre and the expulsion of the hated Habsburg bailiff at the time of the founding of the Confederation. The Landenberg is also the landmark of Sarnen. Almost nothing remains of the former castle, but the rococo building of the Schützenhaus from 1752 and the old armoury from 1711 in the immediate vicinity have been preserved.

A particularly beautiful ensemble of historic buildings is grouped around the Sarner village square, including the town hall, the basic design of which dates back to 1418, and the village chapel of Maria Lauretana, built in 1556 and rebuilt by 1662 after earthquake damage.

Then the round trip begins in the direction of Sachseln. At the northern end of the Sarnersee, close to the village centre, are the lakeside bathing complex and the boat landing stage. Then you follow the cantonal road, which is no longer too busy since the construction of the national road tunnel. There is a bicycle lane in places.

After Sachseln we pass the Maxon company, whose drives are not only used for eBikes but also for the Mars helicopter! Near Giswil it is worth making a detour to the beautiful open-air swimming pool at the campsite, and then we continue through the shady Forstwald forest with its torrents, which invite children to play (on thunderstorm-free days).

An insider tip is the (rather small) "Wilerbädli" or then, at the end of the tour, the swimming pool in Sarnen, where equipment for stand-up paddling can also be rented.

Realised by Roland Baumgartner

Pictures: Roland Baumgartner


Central railway from Lucerne to Sarnen. Brünigstrasse by car.

Another tip:
Leisurely Lungererseerundfahrt, or more strenuous via Glaubenbielen to Sörenberg or via Glaubenberg to Entlebuch.