Attractive trails at the edge of the national park
For a hundred years, ibexes, marmots and snow hares have been in charge in the wilderness of the Ofenpass - in the Swiss National Park, people are allowed to take part in the events as guests but not leave the paths. The region around the park is also a paradise for e-mountain bikers. The terrain is neither too steep nor too flat and therefore perfect for a longer bike tour.


On pass roads, mountain paths and single trails, in four days, you will travel from Scuol through the Val S-charl, past the pine forest God da Tamangur to Val Müstair, on to Livigno, over the Bernina Pass back to the Engadine and via Zuoz to the starting point in the Lower Engadine.

In the area of the Ofenpass and Val Mora you feel like you are in the Rocky Mountains. Val Mora Bike is a day trip that you will certainly love to ride again and again - the landscape is so unique! The tour starts at the top of the Ofen Pass. Now we follow the single trail left of the road back to Buffalora. A crisp ascent leads up to the wet Jufplaun plain. We continue over the Alpe del Gallo, to the rear end of Lago di Livigno and direction Lago di San Giacomo di Fraéle. We are in the Italian Parco nazionale dello Stelvio. After visiting the special chapel we leave the valley and turn off towards Passo di Val Mora. On the way to Valchava and Santa Maria the spectacular landscape of the Val Mora and liquid single trails await us. With a lot of pictures in our heads we get on the post bus and drive over the Ofenpass back to Zernez... or stay another night in Val Müstair and visit the monastery St. Johann, a Unesco World Heritage Site.

Realised by Roland Baumgartner


Arrival with the RhB:
By RhB or car to Scuol in Unterengadin or by car/bus to the Ofenpass between Zernez and Sta. Maria in Val Müstair.

Another tip:
The Biosfera Val Müstair in the south-eastern corner of Graubünden together with the Swiss National Park forms the Unesco Biosphere Reserve.