Attractive bike excursion for everyone

The tour (local route no. 480) begins in the medieval Zähringer town of Murten with its historic old town of national importance and numerous arcades. The ring wall of the town dates from the 13th to 17th centuries. It is one of the best preserved fortifications in Switzerland.

The route leads clockwise around Lake Murten. As soon as you have left Murten, you take a scenic overland route towards Greng. The view of the lake and the Mont Vully opposite is magnificent. Via Faoung you follow the lakeshore to the Avenches campsite. After a few more kilometres you reach Salavaux, where one of the longest sandy beaches in Switzerland stretches out.

Always slightly uphill we pedal through the vineyards to the Vully. The range of hills north of Lake Murten offers an unexpected view of the Alps and the Jura on a clear day - but also a rich historical heritage: the Celtic Helvetians built an oppidum here around 58 B.C., the rampart of which is still visible today. More recent are the defensive positions which the Swiss army built in the First World War since 1914. In the process, tunnels of 200 metres in length were created in the sandstone. Today, the Lamberta caves above Môtier are a paradisiacal playground for children - little explorers can explore every corner or play hide and seek for hours. Don't forget your flashlight!

After a rapid descent, the route leads through the Chablais, a vast forest area. The route crosses the Seeland, known as Switzerland's largest vegetable garden. Then it already goes back to Murten.

Realised by Roland Baumgartner


Motorway exit "Murten" of the A1, Murten is on the Kerzers-Palézieux railway line.

Another tip:
The tropical gardens Papiliorama and Nocturama in Kerzers are home to plants and animals from the tropics. The Anthropodarium exhibits arthropods and the Swiss Butterfly Garden is dedicated entirely to the native butterfly species.