On the Lakes and Rhine Velo Route in Sarganserland.

Just before Ziegelbrücke station, the SwitzerlandMobility cycle path passes by - it is part of the Lakes Route No. 9 across the whole of Switzerland. We cycle along the Linth towards the Walensee to Weesen, then turn right to the Echerkanal. The canal from Glarus, named after Hans Conrad Escher von der Linth (1767 - 1823), channels the mountain river Linth into Lake Walen. At the mouth in the "Gäsi" we camp and swim.

There are five lakeside resorts along our route on Lake Walen: the "Gäsi" and then others in Mühlehorn, Murg, Unterterzen and Mols. Not to mention the wild bathing bays, all with a view of the majestic rock faces of the seven Churfirsten peaks. The water of Lake Walen is usually a few degrees cooler than in other lakes, but it is also very clear.

Adventurous bike tunnels now follow, dripping from the walls. You feel a little like you're on a ghost train. A short, record-breaking 25% incline, though no longer in the tunnel, makes the ride even more adventurous.

The idyllic wine village of Quinten opposite can only be reached on foot or by boat. For example, from Mühlehorn, Murg or Unterterzen. There, on the south side of the lake, exotic kiwis, vines and figs thrive in the Mediterranean climate.

It's a leisurely 15-kilometre ride from the upper end of Lake Walen via Walenstadt and along the Seez River through the Seez Valley to Sargans. On the left, shortly before Mels, you can see the former military cable car to Palfries at the foot of the Alvier - today a (public) crowd puller. The landmark of Sargans can be seen from far away. The striking castle with the Sarganserland Museum and Restaurant is a popular excursion destination and vantage point. Iron-bearing rock was discovered on and in the Gonzen about 2000 years ago and mined until 1966. A small part of the iron mine is always open to the public via the restaurant.

If you are tired or with children, you can end your tour at Sargans railway station. A less strenuous continuation leads to the mighty dam of the Alpine Rhine. The high, straightened dam offers a sublime feeling. Continue straight ahead for about 20 kilometres from Sargans to Buchs railway station. But: the 1.5-kilometre addition to the historic Werdenberg is definitely not to be missed.

Realised by Roland Baumgartner

Pictures: Heidiland Tourism, Switzerland Tourism, Roland Baumgartner


Ziegelbrücke, Sargans, Buchs can be reached by train. There are also parking spaces here.

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