Peat bogs, forest, stone walls, meadows with free grazing horses
Right at the start towards Les Breuleux, the Jura landscape presents its most typical side. The route includes a mix of country roads, country side and single trails through the wonderful country landscape, which is interspersed with small lakes and which could provide a first-class scenery for many a Hollywood or Bollywood movie. The picturesque Étang de la Gruère peat lake near La Theurre can be reached with a short detour - also the lake can only be reached on foot!

The route could go on like this forever - and then it does. It winds its way through the small woods, connects remote farms and leads along many a horse pasture. This is no coincidence: the Freiberger is the last original Swiss horse breed, and here this culture is cultivated with pride, there are clearly more horses than cows to be seen on the pastures.

Before we head back to Saignelégier in Les Bois, we recommend a detour south of Les Breuleux via the "Jura Bike" route to Mont-Soleil with its countless windmills. From Les Bois back to Saignelégier, the route is as varied as on the outward journey. Again a nice mix off the main road, paired with the best views, especially from the Sommêtres near Le Noirmont.

The round tour can easily be driven in the opposite direction.

Realised by Roland Baumgartner


The Chemins de fer du Jura will take you to Saignelégier from Basel, Biel and Neuchâtel.

Another tip:
With the smartphone and an interactive map, the location of the herds can be tracked in real time.