Charming landscape and typically Appenzell countryside

The Appenzellerland is one of the most primeval regions of Switzerland and can hardly be surpassed in idyll. Typical for this stage: a lovely hilly landscape, painted houses and picturesque townscapes.

Who doesn't think of the three traditional men in Appenzellerland who don't want to reveal the recipe for Appenzeller cheese to their guests from Germany in television commercials? The three guys could well sit here on a bench at the Gäbriseeli. It's not unusual to see one of the same type in front of one of the idyllic farms on the route from Trogen to Appenzell. While on the horizon Hoher Kasten, Altmann and Säntis get closer and closer, on the Panorama Bike you roll through a park-like forest and meadow landscape. The proportion of single trails is small, but different values count here.

It is advisable to take a break in one of the rustic inns and listen to the locals with one ear. The local dialect of Swiss German is so striking here that many other Swiss hardly understand a word. Even a small detour to the Gäbris is a must. All around it is the most northern pre-Alpine summit of Switzerland, which is more than 1200 metres high. The restaurant Unterer Gäbris presents itself locally culinary - the baby changing table with a direct window view into the cowshed is particularly impressive.

The stage ends in the famous, beautiful town centre of Appenzell with its colourful houses, artfully decorated and richly decorated with flowers.

Realised by Roland Baumgartner


Trogen, Gais and Appenzell are stations of the Appenzell railways.

Another tip:
Beer tasting "Brauquöll Appenzell" and other company visits in Appenzell (Biberli, Appenzeller Bitter).