The "Soglio-Tour" in the Grisons will inspire every motorcyclist with its scenery, bends and culinary delights.

"La soglia del paradiso" ... the threshold to paradise. This is how the painter Giovanni Segantini described the mountain village of Soglio in Graubünden, where he spent some winters and where the TÖFF now serves as the eponym for this edifying motorcycle tour. It towers over the valley like an eagle's nest. Our Soglio tour through Graubünden also has many other highlights to offer, such as the Viamala Gorge, the Splügen Pass and the Maloja and Albula Pass. 
We start our turn immediately from Zizers, leaving the extended San Bernardino route on the left and favouring the old route via Bonaduz, Rhäzüns. At the end of the Churer Rhine Valley, we first make a detour to the Domleschg castle, or more precisely to Ortenstein Castle, before cruising through Thusis to the impressive Viamala Gorge. And it is definitely worth a longer pit stop. Because only those who take their time can really let this impressive natural structure and its history have an effect on them! One should take the trouble to visit the gorge on foot. 

Over the Splügen to the most beautiful village in Switzerland

Our Soglio tour continues through the Hinterrhein area to Splügen. Tip: Stay on the old pass road until Splügen. There are great curves and less traffic. Otherwise leave the A 13 at exit 28 "Splügen" and take the ascent over the Splügenpass under your wheels. After the pass summit in Monte Spluga (Italy), be sure to stop for an espresso before you continue! And at the village of Pianazzo it is absolutely necessary to drive through the village (so don't take the bypass), otherwise you'll miss the sensationally narrow curves of the galleries down to Corti. 

Once you arrive in Chiavenna, the tour takes you back east to Swiss territory and up to the midday destination of Soglio. Soglio is described as the most beautiful village of Switzerland. Time really seems to have stood still here. A breath of awe-inspiring history blows through the narrow lanes paved with stones. Soglio was inhabited as early as prehistoric times, and the name of the town can be found in documents dating back to 1219. For lunch, enjoy the famous speciality "Pizzoccheri" (buckwheat noodles with potatoes, vegetables, mountain cheese) at the Hotel Stüa Granda or Palazzo Salis.

Text: Markus Gämperli
Photos: Markus Gämperli,, depositphotos

The oldest city in Switzerland
After a good meal, we drive up the Maloja Pass into the Engadine to the end of Lake Silvaplana. This is an ideal excuse to take a few photos. Then we stroll past St. Moritz to La Punt. There we say not to miss the junction to the Albulapass. After the pass summit follow some narrow but very impressive passages down to the Palpuogn mountain lake and past the railway viaducts to Bergün for a coffee break. Freshly fortified, you can take a journey through time to the railway pioneers at the Albula Railway Museum - 600 exhibits from more than 100 years of railway history bear witness to pioneering deeds, to the people who shaped the railway and the landscapes it shaped - or we drive out of the valley to the Lenzerheide junction. Here we enjoy green alpine meadows and the crystal-clear Heidsee - then we cruise contentedly down to Chur! And even in the oldest city in Switzerland there is still a lot to discover.

Hotel Fünf-Dörfer
Zizers - Start and end of this tour tip is the three-star hotel "Five Villages". Chef Markus is the author of this tour tip and a passionate motorcyclist himself. He knows all mountain roads and passes of the region and is available as an "insider" with advice and action. Beside the Benzingesprächen in addition, with Markus in addition, the culinary does not come too briefly.

Tourist in his own country
Viamala - Passed a hundred times or stopped only briefly? This is a world-famous place: every Thursday in July and August there are guided tours in the gorge. Individual tours for groups on request.