A lap on lovely, winding roads with guaranteed low traffic through the Emmental, which can be quite rugged here and there. 

It's not that I don't know the Emmental. After all, I'm a Bernese and passionate motorbike rider, so one always likes to wander through the hilly homeland of the most famous Swiss cheese (I don't hear any contradiction from the Gruyère or the Appenzell?). However, the harmless sounding word "hill" often doesn't quite match the reality of the topography in the cheese country. Sometimes the cows here graze on slopes so steep that in other parts of the world they would be forbidden even for goats. 

None of this was new to me. But then I was surprised by the brilliant panorama up on the Blappach. This is a passage with a restaurant between Trubschachen and Eggiwil. Here a longer section leads straight south ... into a rock face! Well, the north face of the Hohgant is a good distance away, but such a rocky view is quite surprising. Steep hills (stotzigi Höger) sometimes require steep roads. Between Würzbrunne (with the old church known from Gotthelf films) and Chuderhüsi a traffic sign gives the tariff: 18 percent, and that for a longer section! Wow! For us overarmed buffalo drivers a lapalie. For the 50cc scooter of the local youths, on the other hand, the ultimate challenge, their speed is like that of a three-legged turtle, while the bag money evaporator gives everything.

Pure Emmental idyll, on the other hand, presents itself at the start and finish of my tour tip, in Affoltern i. E. (just not at the Albis). Here the pastures are fat and the hills are gently undulating. Main attraction of the village is the show dairy. Here you can make your own cheese, watch the production of Emmental, and of course the eternal question of how the holes get into the cheese is answered. Speaking of holes: it is amazing how little the ridges of the Emmental are perforated by tunnels. Apart from that, for a Swiss road builder there is nothing better than drilling as many and as long tunnels as possible. But between Bowil and Huttwil I know only a very short one, the one through the Fritzenflue, a summit tunnel at the pass (929 m) between Eriswil and Wasen.

From Fritzenflue down to Wasen, the route takes you along a well developed road over finely ironed asphalt. This is rather rare on my suggested route. Most of the time the curved ping-pong leads on narrow roads around narrow arches over undulating pavement. When choosing a machine, if you have it, this means: rather what kind of terrain for the upright sitting position on a wide handlebar and with enough suspension travel.

Blappach and Affoltern - rest in the restaurant Blappach or just on the wooden bench. In the show cheese dairy you can just watch or even help yourself. The "Emmental" experience is framed by fantastic half-timbered houses - here in Lützelflüh. 

Emmental - Versatile valley. Up on Blappach you feel a bit chilly, but on the Emme near Lützelflüh you can already enjoy the paddling pleasure.

Fritzenfluh - panorama restaurant a few bends below the pass summit. Large terrace, crunchy nut peaks and much more.

Fritzeflue - Short crest tunnel. Afterwards many groovy curves on good asphalt follow down to Wasen.

Lüderenalp - Pass at over 1100 m above sea level with a magnificent view of the Alps. Once there was a spa hotel here. At the beginning of August you can enjoy the Lüderen-Chilbi incl. a swinging festival; a great cinema!

Chuderhüsi - yet another pass with a restaurant with a view. The Emmental valley is blessed with a beautiful landscape and culinary delights.

Lützelflüh - Alfred Bitzius was elected village priest in 1832. He later became known throughout Switzerland and the world as the writer Jeremias Gotthelf. Everything else in the Gotthelf Centre in Lützelflüh.


Text and pictures: Daniel Riesen