If the big alpine passes are flooded by traffic, it is worth knowing some alternatives like today's day trip.

The starting point of this tour, which can be completed in half a day if you drive quickly and without stops, is the town of Thun, known as the "gateway to the Oberland". From the picturesque old town, we first drive along the lake towards Spiez, where the traffic volume is still partly very high. But we can remedy this by leaving the shore road after a short time and driving into the Simmental via Wimmis. This offers a well constructed road with some nice curve combinations, but depending on the time of day it can be heavily burdened by tourists and day-trippers on the way to Gstaad.

Off the main road

But at the latest, when we take the turnoff to the Jaunpass in Boltigen, we usually have the road to ourselves. In dozens of curves and hairpin bends the partly relatively narrow road leads us in the direction of the pass summit. When we reach the top, a restaurant and a small shop with outside seats on the opposite side of the road invite us for coffee. The descent from the pass reveals a view of the idyllic green mountain landscape of the Bernese and Fribourg foothills.

Via Jaun, via Charmey and Broc, past the beautiful Château de Gruyères, our route takes us towards the second pass of the day tour. The Col des Mosses, whose road surface was renewed last year, is with 1445 meters the deepest pass of this tour, which makes it no less interesting. A good mixture of narrow and wide bends, in combination with the - since the renovation - relatively good asphalt quality, provides for some motorcyclists for far up drawn corners of the mouth.

The third and last pass of this tour is the Col du Pillon. It forms a stark contrast to the Mosses in terms of road quality: bumps and potholes are not uncommon here. But those who accept the challenge will be rewarded with practically empty roads and a beautiful mountain landscape. Once the Pillon has been overcome, the route leads via Saanen through the Simmental back towards Spiez. After Thun, the route leaves Wimmis, depending on time and desire, either along the lake again or alternatively over the motorway.

Meeting place for motorbike drivers
THUN UND FRIBOURG - The speedo bar at the Moto Center Thun in Steffisburg is a popular meeting place for motorcyclists in the region. There is always someone here for an exciting fuel conversation.

Nostalgia on rails
ZWEISIMMEN - The GoldenPass Classic between Montreux and Zweisimmen lets passengers marvel at the breathtaking landscape even without a two-wheeled pedestal.

text: Patrick Schiffmann
pictures: D. Marechal, www.swiss-image.ch,www.moto-center.ch