Rovinj - a favourite of tourists.

A truly picturesque town: The houses with countless restaurants, galleries and boutiques crowd closely together in narrow alleys, cluster around a hill on the highest point of which - visible from afar - the baroque church of St. Euphemia with its 60-metre-high bell tower is enthroned. Rovinj, situated on the Croatian west coast, is undoubtedly one of the most popular tourist destinations in Croatia and is therefore highly frequented.

Originally, the Venetian town centre was an island, but later the canal that separated it from the mainland was filled up and built on. Today, the old and new towns form a harmonious unit in an outstanding location directly on the sea with several offshore islets. The whole ensemble is worth seeing, popular photo motifs are also the harbour, the city palace, the Balbi arch and the clock tower. Rovinj is also known for its good restaurants. Gourmets can be pampered right next to the Basilica in Restaurant Monte by the award-winning top chef Daniel Dekic. The creative self-taught chef was the first gastronome in Croatia to be awarded a Michelin star, and in 2017 he was Chef of the Year.


For those who like to swim without textiles, the park-like camping Valalta, one of the best campsites in Croatia with several restaurants and bars, a brewery, supermarket, swimming pool and indoor swimming pool, is the right place. Other plus points are the only nudist marina on the Adriatic Sea, a large bay and a four-kilometre stretch of coast. In addition to plots for tents, caravans and campers, bungalows and mobile homes are also offered. Camp Val Saline has been built in the immediate vicinity under the same management as Valalta, a premium site with the best facilities. There are also other campsites around Rovinj, which is also a stronghold for campers. Ten camper vans can be parked on a limited and asphalted parking lot at the northern entrance to the village.


To properly prepare for your trip

Via Slovenia and the motorway A 9 direction Pula to the exit Rovinj.

Another tip:
The city of Rovinj is bordered to the north by the Limski Canal, a fjord-like inlet about ten kilometres long. The protected area is known for its clear water and its oyster and fish farms. The traditional restaurant Viking at the beginning of the Limski Canal has a good reputation.