Secret London
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Secret London

ISBN-Nummer: 978-2-36195-280-8

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Watch wood-fired pizzas bake in a hidden outdoor oven, take a funny walk to a comedy bar and spin discs on Spike Milligan’s own turntable, have lunch with the inmates of a high security prison, stroll through a sex shop into a Mexican restaurant, sing your heart out in a clandestine Korean karaoke club, find rare beers and fresh oysters in the back streets of Peckham, tap your toes in a secret gypsy swing club, get pickled in a marooned Irish pub, find the unofficial way into a forbidden Malaysian canteen, join the sixties club that’s still swinging, find a tranquil café hidden in the middle of London’s busiest park, drink cappuccinos made by murderous bikers, sip cocktails mixed from the herbs and flowers of an engineer’s roof garden, play petanque on the Riviera in a central London cellar, tap an oak-tree trunk for whisky, get lost in a labyrinthine wine cellar, let the green absinthe fairy inspire your sketches of S&M life models …

Over 120 places with amazing decor, eccentric owners, bizarre food, old-time survivors and more that will please and astonish underground and post-industrial fans, refined gourmets and cocktail drinkers, world food lovers and bargain hunters — and indeed anyone curious enough to discover the infinite possibilities to have fun in London.

An absolute must-have guide to exploring the amazing hidden London bar/restaurant/pub/club scene.

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